Using SMS Marketing

It is estimated that a very percentage of people over 90% of mobile phone users communicate a lot using short message services. Sms marketing presents a perfect platform for marketing because of the frequency at which they are exchanged. Mobile phone marketing needs the customers consent to be as successful because mobile phones are private devices. This is the first rule that sms marketing strategies should obey. It can be easy to offend someone by sending unwanted sms messages to them or spam messages. The Mobile Marketing Association is also there to regulate the process of creating mobile marketing strategies. This association is also responsible for coming up with regulations and policies that govern any kind of marketing through mobile phones, inclusive of sms type of marketing.

Short message services offer a lot of options for marketing agencies to promote or crate awareness for products and services. This is because the marketing strategy can be in form of sms based coupons which are not only cheaper to access and faster but also very convenient. Coupons allows consumers to be able to receive discount on the total sale price of items they purchase suing the coupons. If a mobile marketing strategy that is using sms can include coupons in their strategy, they would be able to increase the sales volume of their items.

Another feature of this type of marketing is that important marketing tools such as questionnaires can be included where the consumer feedback can be collected. By having short sets of questions directed to the consumers, a company can have an effective campaign where they get to know just what the consumers want or expect of them. This way, a company can have very important information of whether their marketing strategy is working. It is also very easy to track the delivery and responses of the sms that are exchanged and hence be able to access the progress of the campaign. The short message services can also be exchanged by the consumers themselves hence spreading the “word” really fast. These are some of the potential options of this kind of marketing using short message services. it is also very fast to launch an sms based mobile marketing plan because once the contact numbers are collected, it can be very easy to input them into the system and sending the bulk short messages to all the recipients and collect feedback.

However, there are certain steps that should be taken prior to launching the sms based campaign. These include getting the consumers consent to be included in the campaign so that they become aware and don’t take text messages as spam or unwanted. Another thing is to get a legal counsel to offer legal advice on what the law says and what limits should not be crossed. There are several companies out there that can offer great sms strategies for marketing.