Creating A Mobile Marketing Strategy

Having a successful mobile marketing campaign needs to start by having a great strategy that is well throughout and planned. However, not many companies know what the characteristics of a good mobile marketing strategy are. Just like anything that is set out to be done, there should be a plan with details of how it is going to be done and what will be used in the process, the time it will take and the desired results that are expected by the end of the process. This is the same thing with marketing. There are objectives such as retaining already onboard clients and or creating awareness for an image or brand.

The first thing that should be well detailed is the goals of the marketing strategy. These might as well determine which medium will be used whether short message services, multi- messaging service or even web based services. The goals could be driving the sales volume of a certain products or service or increasing awareness on a certain image or brand or idea. The goals need to be specific and not blurry, measurable, achievable, realistic and lastly timely. These are the simple attributes that make a goal a smart goal. The next thing should be researching the market to understand what the market needs or expects from your company. The research should also include what the competitors are doing, their methods of doing it, successes and flaws so that one can avoid making similar mistakes and ensure that their methods surpass their competitors.

One more thing that should be included in the research is the demographics of the target audience. These are particulars such as age, gender, profession and even religion or likes and preferences. By understanding this, it is now possible to derive a substantial plan. This kind of knowledge collected from the research will enable know which mobile medium to be used in the mobile marketing strategy. These mediums include; short message services, multi-messaging services, web based services, social media or even applications. Each of the mediums has its own advantages and demerits when transferring communication. For instance, you cannot send web based messages to mobile phones that are not web enabled neither can you expect mobile phones or devices without cameras be able to scan things like QR codes. The tone of the content in the message will also be determined by the factors above such as age, gender, profession and religion as well. this is to avoid sending offensive messages that would instead create damages to the company instead of acquiring more customers.

It is also important to create sharing points where mobile phone users can share the content. This is like creating fan pages on social networks or related online communities where followers can share links or posts through their mobile phones. This actually helps spread the message faster, effectively and less costly. Lastly look for legal counsel to guide in working within the set laws and provisions and launch the campaign. Make sure that tracking systems are set so as to know the progress of the campaign.