Features of Mobile Phone Advertising

Advertising on the mobile phone is one of the most effective methods of promoting a product, creating awareness, retaining or even acquiring new customers. This is because of several reasons one being that mobile phone users carry their mobile phone to wherever they travel to and so the chances of the message getting “home” are very high. Another reason is that it has been established that responding to any communication using the mobile phones is much easier and possible for consumers than replying to other means of communication such as emails and written communication. Now that millions of people use mobile phones, the target audience for mobile phone marketing has been increasing day after day. There are certain distinct features of marketing techniques using mobile phones and these are applications, short message services, web based advertising and MMS.

Mobile phone applications are software programs that are designed to increase the function-ability of mobile phones. The applications enable mobile users find more purpose with their phones such as carry video files, listen to music, convert file formats and many others. This particular method of mobile phone advertising is common and applicable to smart phones only. These are phones that are able to connect to the wireless internet and access websites online. Some companies create applications such as games that include a link to which a consumer is led to a specific webpage the company has information to offer such as product information. There are many kinds of mobile applications online that can give the mobile phone many uses which are also consumer beneficial such as QR code readers and scanners for e-commerce. All these applications can be used for marketing purposes as well and help a company increase its sales or revenue as well.

Another feature is Multi Messaging Services which are abbreviated as MMS. This kind of messaging service is different from text messaging because it can include other form of content such as images, website links and audio files or video files. This kind of feature is only applicable to smart phones because they are able to read such content and display to the mobile phone user. The best thing with MMS as a form of mobile advertising is that you can include images or video and audio files and be able to capture the user’s attention.

Short messaging services as a form of mobile marketing is another feature of mobile phone advertising as well. This includes just the exchange of text messages only without any images or other files. This is the most common form of advertising used in mobile marketing. This is because it applicable across all mobile phones whether smart mobile phones or the simple ones. Other features include using web based services such as websites where consumers have to access company websites using their mobile phones and also social networks where companies can create online communities and or fan pages where they can have followers communicate, share and learn more.