What is SMS Mobile Marketing & How Does it Impact Us?

Sms mobile marketing is marketing is the use of short message services in marketing of products, services and brands. Short message services are services used in mobile phones where messages are exchanged using text only. Many mobile users use short message services to communicate with each other and this makes it very easy for marketers to tap this service and spread marketing messages. Short message services have really enabled people all over the world to socialize and keep in touch with each other. It is this aspect that has made marketers realize the potential short message services have. All mobile phones are enabled to view and display short message services. This makes it possible for marketers to have a very wide target audience because all people who have mobile phones can have access to short message services. There are certain ways that short message services can be used for distributing marketing messages. This can be via product polls where information about the products is distributed through short message services. Once the message is send, the consumers can help distributing the messages even fast and effectively among friends and family. This can be taken a notch higher by including a link that provides access to a website online through wireless network. This is applicable through the smart phones which are web enabled and can access the internet. The link can provide access to a wider page where there is much more information that will benefit the consumer and in return benefit the company too. This is one of the great opportunities that short message services have offered to marketing. As for consumers, they have been able to not only share easily because sending the text messages is very easy.

Other services that have been made accessible through the short message services is the ability to download coupons and other product information online. Within the text messages, a company can include links that direct the mobile phone user to certain web pages where they can download certain coupons that can help them make cheaper purchases online on selected retail stores. The coupons enable the consumers make purchases and save a little money because they offer discounts which mean the actual retail prices are cut off. This can ultimately help a company boast its sales volumes which can boast the revenues as well.

Short message services are also cheap to exchange for the consumers hence make it very easy for them to respond to or act upon. To the company having the sms mobile marketing campaign, this can also be a very less costly marketing method. The costs of production of the campaign is very low as compared to many other methods and even some revenue can be recouped through premium-rated sms campaigns which would be charging a small fee for participation by the targeted market.